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Four Signs It’s Time to Repaint the Exterior of Your Home

Repainting the exterior of your home is an important maintenance task. The paint adds to your home's curb appeal and helps to protect the siding of your home. Most exterior paint helps to repel water – preventing water from seeping into your home's siding and causing damage. Painting your home helps ensure the exterior of your home is properly maintained.
You may not know when your home needs to have its exterior repainted. Here are four signs that the outside of your home is due for new paint.

1. The Paint Color Is Fading

If the color of your home's exterior paint looks faded, the first thing that you should do is attempt to wash it. You can wash the siding either by hand or with a pressure washer, depending on the age and condition of the siding. This will help to remove caked-on dirt, dust, and residue that may cause paint to look faded or dirty.
If cleaning it does not appear to do anything, your paint may actually be faded and not dirty. The sun can cause your paint to fade. Old, faded paint may not be able to repel water and protect your home’s siding as it should – it ages your home. Painting helps to keep moisture out while giving your home a clean, fresh look.

2. The Paint Is Peeling

When your paint begins to develop spidery cracks, it is telling you that it is worn and needs a new coat. However, many homeowners miss these cracks. What happens next is that the paint begins to peel. Anytime the paint peels, your siding is warning you that it is past due for new exterior paint.
If you fail to paint the siding, water can seep into the areas where the paint is peeling or missing and cause water damage. This damage can be extensive, and it has to be repaired before the siding can be repainted – slowing the whole project down and costing you more money. That’s why it’s important to look out for peeling and worn paint so you can address it before extensive damage occurs.

3. The Paint Is Bubbling

The paint on the exterior of your home's siding should never bubble up. If it is bubbling, either air or water is trapped underneath. Either way, the bubbles need to be popped, the old paint needs to be scraped away, and new paint needs to be applied.
If the surface is not repainted, the bubbles will eventually pop. When they do so, water can seep into the affected area and cause damage. It’s time to repaint the exterior of your home anytime you notice these bubbles.

4. The Paint Looks Dated

The last sign that it’s time to repaint the exterior of your home is when the paint no longer suits your home aesthetic. In some cases, the color of your home simply doesn't fit in with the neighborhood, the style of your home, or the exterior renovations you have made.
If you are looking to sell your home or improve the aesthetic for personal reasons, you may wish to change up the color. This ensures your home blends in with the neighborhood, matches the aesthetic of the rest of your home's exterior and is updated and modern. Repainting can help to improve the value of your home, increase its curb appeal, and help your home sell faster.
If your house is showing any of these signs of wear and aging, it is time to have your home's exterior repainted. When you need exterior home painting, turn to H L Weaver General Construction and Painting. Contact us today to for a quote on exterior home painting services.