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Painting Your Brick Home? Timeless Hues to Consider

White Brick Walls

The average home's exterior should be painted every three to seven years, depending on the type of siding a home's outside is made of. Your home is made of brick, so you can expect your paint job to last upwards of 15 years.

Painted brick modernizes your home and give its exterior beautiful curb appeal, but with paint lasting for nearly two decades, you want to make sure you choose exterior hues that won't go out of style. Here is a guide to help you select the best exterior home colors so your brick home is always appealing, no matter what decade you are in.


Not quite white, not quite brown, and definitely not solid gray, taupe is a unique neutral hue that is ideal for a brick home's exterior. The color is light enough to blend with your property's landscape, yet just dark enough to add a hint of color to your home's exterior. As a bonus, taupe brings out the lines of your brick home, giving your house greater dimension.

Soft Yellow

Yellow is warm and inviting, and a softer tone for your home's exterior allows your brick residence to stay in style. Soft yellow with orange undertones is ideal if you want a more subdued hue, while a pastel version of yellow gives your home a welcoming, charming appeal that is a lovely change from classic white or beige.

French Gray

Not a dark gray or even a true gray, French gray has soft bluish undertones that will give your brick home a splash of color while still remaining classic in its appeal. Consider French gray for your home if you are attracted to rich blues but don't want to make your brick home's construction look too dark in appearance.

Dusty Green

Dusty green is a hue that resembles sagebrush and is a more mature version of classic mint green (a popular indoor hue). Dusty green is ideal for your brick home if you prefer neutrals like tan or brown but want a hue that is a bit more unique. Your painter can show you many styles of muted green to suit your needs.

Eggshell White

If you're not a fan of color but you don't want to paint your brick home a stark white, then consider eggshell white instead. This hue has a slight yellow or tan undertone that works pleasantly with textured brick homes to bring out the natural architecture of your exterior living space.

Smoky Blue

Smoky blue is a mature version of pale or pastel blue. This hue appears almost white but has just enough of a gray and light blue tint to draw the eye. Consider smoky blue for your home if you normally paint your brick house's exterior in a very light hue but you'd like to kick your curb appeal up a notch.

Brick Red

There is no reason why you can't paint your brick home the very same hue that your home's exterior is made out of - classic brick red. Choose a brick red tone that has purple or black undertones (not orange or pink) so your brick home retains its stunning allure in a classic hue.

Your painter will help you ultimately decide what exterior paint color will look best on your brick home to keep your home's curb appeal in style. Warm tones are brighter, while cool tones are richer in their appeal.

A professional paint job on your brick home will last for many years, so you should choose your home's new color wisely. Allow our experts at H L Weaver General Construction & Painting to help you choose the right hue for your brick home today.