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Siding Options to Consider for Your Home

Wood Siding

Placing siding on your home gives your property a refreshed and modern look while protecting your home's structure. There are many types of siding available to meet your design needs and budget and to give your home greater curb appeal.
Discover the benefits of vinyl, stucco, and wood siding - some of the most popular types of siding on the market. You will learn about stone or brick siding as well if you want siding that has a more textured and classic appeal. Talk to your contractor about which siding will work best for your home based on its size and your budget.


Vinyl siding is arguably one of the most popular types of siding for a home due to its longevity, ease of installation, versatility, and maintenance requirements. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors, although keep in mind that you can't repaint your siding later if you want to change its color.
If the streamlined application of vinyl siding doesn't appeal to you, consider installing vinyl shakes instead. Vinyl shakes have grooves impressed in them to mimic wood and add texture; talk to your contractor about the various styles, colors, and applications of vinyl siding to help you decide what style will look best on your home.


For a streamlined appeal that is full of texture and design, stucco is a unique and beautiful form of siding to add to your home. Stucco is made from sand, lime, and cement mixed with water. The texture of stucco gives it a streamlined appeal while still being easy to clean. With care and professional installation, stucco can last as long as you own your home.
Stucco can be painted over, although, traditionally, a dye is added to the substance before placing the stucco on your home. Stucco holds up over time, but you have to be careful when pressure washing your home's exterior so you don't accidentally crack or peel away stucco that is beginning to crumble.


Wood siding is an option to consider if you want a long-lasting home exterior cover that offers texture and classic appeal. Wood siding can last up to 100 years with proper care.
You can paint over wood siding as often as you wish, whether you opt for flat wood clapboard, shingles, or wooden shakes. Shakes and shingles offer more texture than clapboard panels do on the home, although clapboard panels resemble a more modern style of siding.

Natural Stone/Brick

Finally, you can use natural stone or brick as siding for your home. If you have a larger budget or you want siding that you will not have to replace or take special care of, then consider flat river stone or brick pavers for your home's siding project.
You don't have to stick with one type of siding to give your home the appeal you desire. For example, you can install wood clapboard or shingle siding on the sides and back of your home and natural stone or brick on the front where curb appeal is most desired.
Keep in mind that each siding style requires its own type of care to last. Wood, for example, needs to be painted or sealed to prevent mildew and moisture from destroying the material. Vinyl is susceptible to warping in high heat, and stucco, along with natural stone or brick siding, will need to have cracks and chips repaired periodically.
New siding adds value and allure to your home. Our team of specialists will add the curb appeal to your home that you desire. Contact our team of contracting experts at H L Weaver General Constructions and Painting today.